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"Funky Sessions"

The Year 2024 began with the recording of live Funk Covers in Gössendorf at Styrian Recordings - "Funky Sessions"


Vol.  I - Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple

Vol. 2 - Poison - Alice Cooper

Vol. 3 - Sail - AWOLNATION

Vol. 4 - Ain't No Mirror - Marvin Gaye & Michael Jackson

"FFJG live"

Here are a few more live concert impressions: First a video of a concert at Club Wakuum, where we played "Music Lover" from our first album. We also have a "Behind The Scenes" video - on July 29th, 2022 we had the great honor of supporting Toto at their concert in Graz with one hour of our music. And finally a few impressions from our Album Release Show for "Rise Of The Animal Kingdom" at Theatercafe Graz. Take a look ;-)

"Rise Of The Animal Kingdom"

"Rise Of The Animal Kingdom" followed in 2022 - an album with a concept: an animal, a rhyme, a semitone up. These 12 songs in 12 keys make up the “Well-Tempered Piano of Funk”

"Don't Panic This Is Serious"

In June 2021 the debut album "Don't Panic This Is Serious" was released - a mixture of funk, rock, soul and blues.

Artwork - Hannah Wasserfaller

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